Toyota’s National Archive Donation Helps Preserve GI Bill

July 14th, 2014 by

When Toyota donated $100,000 to the National Archives earlier this year, it was a noble gift designed to preserve some of the documents that helped shape America’s unique culture.

In fact, the donation went to preserve one of America’s most important documents: The GI Bill.

The 1944 law laid out veteran benefits as they returned home from World War II, including housing and college tuition subsidies.

For Toyota Senior Adviser Don Esmond, a former marine who flew more than 900 missions during the Vietnam War, the GI Bill is a critical piece of history.

“The GI Bill helped us afford our first house with a backyard,” Esmond said. “Today, with unemployment so high among our veterans, it’s more important than ever.”

The GI Bill has been on display at the National Archives for the last five weeks, but came down recently because of strict display guidelines. But you can still view and learn about the GI Bill online at

Toyota’s donation is helping to preserve 10 historic documents, including the 1789 Congressional passage of the Bill of Rights and Richard Nixon’s 1973 resignation letter.

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